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Nothing in this code or in the ordinance adopting this code shall be deemed to affect the validity of any of the following when not inconsistent with this code:

(a) Charter ordinances or ordinances published in Appendix A to this code;

(b) Ordinances relating to the purchase and condemnation or appropriation of property for public use;

(c) Ordinances providing for the opening, dedicating, widening, vacating or narrowing of streets, avenues, alleys and boulevards;

(d) Ordinances establishing or changing grades of streets, avenues, alleys and boulevards;

(e) Ordinances naming or changing the names of streets, avenues and boulevards;

(f) Ordinances authorizing or directing public improvements to be made;

(g) Ordinances creating districts for public improvements of whatsoever kind or nature;

(h) Ordinances levying general taxes;

(i) Ordinances levying special assessments or taxes;

(j) Ordinances granting any rights, privileges, easements or franchises therein mentioned to any person;

(k) Ordinances authorizing the issuance of bonds and other instruments of indebtedness by the City;

(l) Ordinances authorizing contracts or contractual services;

(m) Ordinances establishing or changing the limits of the City, or pertaining to consolidations or annexations;

(n) Ordinances relating to the compensation of officials, officers and employees of the City;

(o) Ordinances amending the district map showing zoning within the City;

(p) Any ordinance pertaining to zoning;

provided, that the above enumeration of exceptions shall not be held or deemed to be exclusive, it being the purpose and intention to exempt from repeal any and all ordinances not of a general nature and general ordinances specifically excepted by this section. (Code 1981 § 1-2. Code 1995 § 1-9.)