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(a) Operators shall park electric-assisted scooters on hard surfaces in either the frontage zone or amenity zone of the sidewalk; beside bicycle racks, transit stops or bike share stations; or in another area specifically designated for scooter parking, which will not in any way inhibit the pedestrian zone.

(b) It shall be unlawful for the operator of an electric-assisted scooter to engage in any of the following activities:

(1) Park in any street or in any area where parking is prohibited.

(2) Park on a sidewalk in such a manner that inhibits the pedestrian zone.

(3) Park on private property without the written consent of the owner.

(4) Park in a manner that would impede access to bike racks, including Topeka Metro Transit Authority bike share stations.

(5) Park in, or in a manner that would impede access to, or the use of any of the following:

(i) Buildings, parking lots, or garages;

(ii) Motor vehicle driving lanes or bicycle lanes;

(iii) Loading zones, disabled parking zones or designated parking spaces on the street;

(iv) Curb ramps;

(v) Entrances to private property or driveways;

(vi) Transit zones, including bus stops and shelters; and

(vii) Utility infrastructure, including traffic control devices and utility poles.

(c) The Municipal Judge shall establish a schedule of fines to be imposed for violations of this section. The fines shall not exceed the amount established for traffic infractions related to parking. (Ord. 20178 § 4, 4-9-19.)

Cross References:Municipal Judge, TMC 2.20.060.