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(a) Nothing in this chapter shall prevent any person who may be building on or otherwise improving property from encumbering the streets, avenues or alleys under a permit from the City Engineer and code enforcement officer, the encumbering of the streets or alleys with building material or earth necessary for the improvement being made, and such person or contractor shall clean up the premises thoroughly within 10 days from the completion of the work.

(b) It shall be unlawful for any person to place or deposit any brick, stone or other heavy building material on any paved street, avenue or alley in the City, unless such brick, stone or other such material is placed on sufficiently heavy plank to fully protect the pavement. (Code 1981 § 40-31. Code 1995 § 130-43.)

Cross References:Buildings and building regulations, TMC Title 14; storage of construction materials on public property, TMC 14.20.070 et seq.; City Engineer, TMC 2.20.100.