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(a) The City Manager or designee may issue a special event permit, after consultation with the Chief of Police or designee and other relevant City departments, if the City Manager or designee determines the following:

(1) The event will not interfere with the operation of law enforcement, fire or emergency vehicles in the permitted area;

(2) The event does not present a public safety or traffic hazard or impose a significant hardship for pedestrian or vehicular traffic;

(3) The conduct of the event will not require the diversion of so great a number of law enforcement officers or emergency medical personnel to the detriment of overall community safety;

(4) Street closures have been approved by the Traffic Engineer or designee.

(b) The City Manager or designee may impose restrictions, including time restrictions, to minimize any inconvenience that may be caused by street closures, traffic congestion or noise. (Ord. 20038 § 24, 12-6-16.)

Cross References:Police Chief, TMC 2.20.090; Traffic Engineer, TMC 10.10.010.