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(a) The Director is hereby authorized to adopt a City of Topeka stormwater BMP design policy handbook and City of Topeka stormwater design criteria and drafting standards. Further, the Director may revise or amend the handbook and standards from time to time.

(b) This chapter refers to the City of Topeka stormwater BMP design policy handbook (handbook) and the City of Topeka design criteria and drafting standards (standards). The referenced handbook and standards shall be considered an integral part of this chapter without separate adoption. Where provisions of this chapter conflict with the handbook or standards, this chapter shall control. Permissive and advisory provisions in the handbook and standards shall not be construed as mandatory.

(c) Within the referenced handbook, the Director may allow administrative variations to requirements stated in the handbook provided such variations do not result in a reduction or elimination of stormwater performance criteria or a variation of applicability or performance standard waiver criteria. (Ord. 20262 § 2, 10-6-20.)