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(a) The Director may require adherence to additional or increased performance standards for stormwater management at any project that will:

(1) Discharge stormwater runoff to an impacted water body; or

(2) Discharge stormwater runoff to a downstream stormwater drainage system that may not be able to safely control or could be damaged by the stormwater runoff from the project; or

(3) Be located in, or will discharge stormwater runoff to, an area or stream having an engineering study which indicates a greater need for control of stormwater runoff in order to alleviate or avoid waterway pollution, erosion, flood, or drainage problems; or

(4) Be located in, or discharge stormwater runoff to, an area or water body where erosion, flooding, or stormwater drainage problems are known to exist, whether said problems are documented or not, and where the Director has reason to believe the project, once constructed, may further exacerbate such problems; or

(5) Discharge stormwater runoff to a water body that is identified by the State of Kansas as outstanding national resource waters (ONRW); or

(6) Be located on an existing brownfield or on a property known to have existing pollutants in the soil or on the ground that, if discharged from the property in stormwater runoff or groundwater, may cause harm to the general public or the environment; or

(7) Have a higher potential for pollutants to be exposed to rainfall or stormwater runoff, once construction is completed. (Ord. 20262 § 6, 10-6-20.)