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All projects shall meet the following requirements for stormwater management:

(a) Stormwater runoff shall not discharge directly into a jurisdictional wetland or water body without stormwater quality treatment as specified in the City of Topeka stormwater BMP design policy handbook.

(b) Designs shall meet all applicable local, State and Federal requirements, permits, plans and programs. The owner is responsible for complying with all local State and Federal permits that are applicable to the site.

(c) Projects shall be designed to promote the natural infiltration of stormwater to the maximum extent possible through the use of one or more low impact development practices described in the City of Topeka stormwater BMP design policy handbook.

(d) Permanent protection from soil erosion shall be provided wherever stormwater runoff discharges to a pervious surface, a vegetated stormwater management practice, a buffer area, at the inlets and outlets of stormwater management facilities and the storm drainage system, and at where runoff discharges from the project. Vegetated stabilization alternatives are preferred where appropriate. (Ord. 20262 § 3, 10-6-20; Ord. 20089 § 111, 10-17-17. Formerly 13.35.030.)