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(a) All changes and repairs to be made as provided in TMC 14.05.020, and all repairs of any basement, cellar or areaway hereafter made, shall be under the supervision and direction of the City Engineer. It shall be the duty of the City Engineer to inspect all basements, cellars and areaways and whenever the same are found to be in an unsafe and defective condition, the City Engineer shall condemn the same and shall, in writing, notify the owner or agent of the property of the condemnation and of the repairs or changes required to be made, and it shall be the duty of such owner or agent to make such repairs or changes within 10 days after receiving such notice.

(b) Where any such basement, cellar or areaway is condemned by the City Engineer, the engineer shall, if the public safety requires it, barricade and close up the sidewalk or areaway, or any part thereof, adjacent to the building affected by the condemnation and keep the same barricaded and closed up until the changes or repairs are made. (Code 1981 § 40-285. Code 1995 § 26-3.)

Cross References:City Engineer, TMC 2.20.100.