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605.2 is hereby deleted in its entirety and the following provisions shall be substituted therefor:

A fullway valve controlling all outlets shall be installed on the discharge side of each water meter and on each unmetered water supply. Water piping supplying more than one building on any one premises shall be equipped with a separate fullway valve to each building, so arranged that the water supply can be turned on or off to any individual or separate building; provided, however, that supply piping to a single-family residence and building accessory thereto may be controlled on one valve. Such shutoff valves shall be accessible at all times. A fullway valve shall be installed on the discharge piping from water supply tanks at or near the tank. A fullway valve shall be installed on the cold water supply pipe to each water heater at or near the water heater.

All buildings shall have an accessible fullway valve immediately inside the structure or basement controlling all outlets within the structure. This valve may be enclosed, if the access panel can be removed without the use of tools. Structures with crawl spaces shall have a control valve located either in the crawl space within two (2) feet of the crawl space opening or in an accessible location within the living space.

(Ord. 19829 § 25, 7-9-13.)