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705.6.2, Solvent Cement Joints, is hereby deleted in its entirety and the following provisions shall be substituted therefor:

Plastic pipe and fittings designed to be joined by solvent cementing shall comply with appropriate IAPMO Installation Standards.

Solvent cement joints for PVC pipe and fittings shall be clean from dirt and moisture. Pipe shall be cut square and pipe shall be deburred. Where surfaces to be joined are cleaned and free of dirt, moisture, oil, and other foreign material, apply primer in accordance with ASTM F656. Primer shall be applied until the surface of the pipe and fitting is softened. Solvent cements in accordance with ASTM D 2564 shall be applied to all joint surfaces. Joints shall be made while both the inside socket surface and outside surface of pipe are wet with solvent cement. Hold joint in place and undisturbed for 1 minute after assembly.

Exception: One step cements for non-pressure PVC, drain, waste and vent piping that comply with the requirements of ASTM D2564-96(a), ASTM F493-92 and ASTM F656-96(a) may be used without the use of primer.

(Ord. 20257 § 15, 8-18-20.)