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1208.6.4.2, Copper and Copper Alloy Tubing, is hereby deleted in its entirety and the following provisions shall be substituted therefor:

Copper and brass tubing shall not be used if the gas contains more than an average of 0.3 grains of hydrogen sulfide per 100 scf of gas (0.7 mg/100 L). Copper or brass tubing shall only be allowed if the natural gas supplier shall warrant in writing that the hydrogen sulfide content of the gas shall at all times be below the aforementioned amount. Therefore copper and copper alloy tubing and fittings may not be used within the city limits of Topeka. All references in the 2018 Uniform Plumbing Code to copper pipe and tubing as a material acceptable for gas piping as well as the brazing and sizing requirements for copper are hereby repealed.

(Ord. 20257 § 47, 8-18-20.)