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(a) Applicability.

(1) No sign (including the structure or sign surface) shall be erected, installed, altered, relocated, rebuilt, or refaced until a sign permit is issued by the Planning and Development Director.

(2) Only those signs permitted in this chapter shall be granted a sign permit.

(3) Permits shall be issued only to sign hangers licensed by the City or to the property owner, provided the property owner carries public liability insurance with coverage of $500,000 or more.

(b) Exemptions.

(1) No sign permit is required for maintenance.

(2) Maintenance includes all care and minor repair needed to maintain a safe, attractive and finished structure, frame pole, brackets or surface and which does not enlarge or materially alter any face or display portion of the sign.

(3) This section does not prevent the maintenance, repainting, or posting of a legally established nonconforming billboard.

(4) Temporary Signs. A sign permit is required for any temporary balloon sign exceeding 12 cubic feet. A sign permit is not required for all other temporary signs.

(5) Repainting/Reposting. The sign surface of a billboard may be repainted or reposted without obtaining a new sign permit.

(6) A permit is not required for window signs.

(c) Applications.

(1) The Planning and Development Director shall prescribe forms and submittal requirements for sign permits as needed to administer this chapter. The form shall be made available at the Department’s office during regular business hours and on the Department’s public website.

(2) No sign shall be erected without the prior consent of the owner or the owner’s authorized agent.

(3) At the time the applicant receives the permit the applicant shall pay an application fee in the amount established by the Planning and Development Director.

(d) Inspections.

(1) All signs (including any footings) for which a permit is required are subject to inspection by the Building Official.

(2) All signs containing electrical wiring are subject to all applicable provisions of the electrical code adopted by the City. (Ord. 20207 § 6, 9-10-19.)