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(a) All nonconforming signs that were lawful prior to October 1, 2019, and not abandoned may continue without being brought into conformance with this chapter if no alterations are proposed to the sign or property. Except as provided in this section, a nonconforming sign may not be altered in such a manner as to augment the nonconforming condition, nor may illumination be added.

(b) Except as provided in subsection (c) of this section, the sign shall conform to the standards of this chapter if the sign is altered, other than a reface or sign maintenance. As an alternative to compliance with the dimensional standards in TMC 18.10.130, any freestanding sign at a nonconforming height or area may be altered provided its height and area are reduced by 34 percent or more of its current height and area.

(c) In addition, any reface or alteration of copy shall at a minimum achieve partial compliance by reducing its corresponding sign area or height by at least 34 percent if the change accompanies one of the following events on or after October 1, 2019:

(1) Rezoning of the property at the request of the owner.

(2) Fifty percent or more of the primary structure is damaged or rendered not usable.

(3) Any major building addition/expansion that requires site plan approval.

(4) Any major facade renovation that requires approval of building elevation design.

(5) Any property that is included in a neighborhood revitalization plan, a tax-increment financing district or a community improvement district.

(d) Any sign height reduced to 25 feet or less in height must conform to monument sign requirements.

(e) The Planning and Development Director may allow alterations to a sign determined to be a historic sign in accordance with TMC 18.10.150 without requiring conformance with this chapter, provided the sign is safe and properly maintained in accordance with TMC 18.10.090.

(f) Effective October 1, 2039, any freestanding sign that was nonconforming on October 1, 2019, shall be removed, replaced, or altered in a manner that conforms to the standards applicable to freestanding signs in this chapter. (Ord. 20207 § 12, 9-10-19.)