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The following structures or parts thereof shall be exempt from the height limitations set forth in the zones indicated; provided, that an increase in height shall not conflict with the provisions of the airport hazard zones of Forbes Field and Philip Billard Airport as set by the Federal Aviation Administration.

(a) In all districts:

(1) Chimneys or flues.

(2) Church spires.

(3) Cupolas, domes, skylights and other similar roof protrusions not used for the purpose of obtaining habitable floor space.

(4) Farm structures.

(5) Parapet or firewalls extending not more than three feet above the limiting height of the building.

(6) Poles, towers, television and amateur radio antenna support systems and similar apparatus, flagpoles, erected for noncommercial purposes, shall not exceed 62 feet in height. Poles, towers, etc., shall be a minimum distance of 80 percent of that structure’s height from public right-of-way and from adjacent property belonging to other than the owner of the structure being erected, unless anchored to a permanent building at a point above the ground at a distance of at least 20 percent of the height of the structure being erected.

(7) Roof structures, including elevator bulkheads, stairways, ventilating fans, cooling towers and similar necessary mechanical and electrical appurtenances required to operate and maintain the building.

(b) In the C and I districts:

(1) Grain elevators.

(2) Communication tower except as otherwise provided in this division.

(3) Stacks.

(4) Storage tanks and water towers. (Ord. 17138 § 4, 7-1-97; Ord. 16754 § 19, 9-13-94. Code 1995 § 48-27.04.)