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The design of all off-street parking facilities shall be subject to the approval of the Building Official prior to issuance of a building and/or parking lot permit, or for any certificate of occupancy where no building permit is required. Before approving any off-street parking plan, the official shall find the spaces, aisles and drives provided are usable as designed and meet the requirements as set forth herein.

(a) Submission of Site Plan. Any application for a parking lot and/or building permit, or for any certificate of occupancy where no building permit is required, shall include therewith a site plan drawn to scale and fully dimensioned. Said plan shall show the full extent of the area to be used for off-street parking including angle and dimension of vehicular parking and stacking spaces, aisles and drives; type of surfacing; radius of curb return; width of curb opening; identify protective curbing; direction of traffic flow; drainage pattern and method of collection; sidewalks, bicycle parking, and type and height of screening and parking area trees. Bicycle racks may be installed on public rights-of-way where there are no setbacks and the Public Works Director has determined that interference with pedestrian traffic is minimal.

(b) Temporary Permit. Prior to issuance of a certificate of occupancy, all parking and stacking spaces, aisles and drives shall be properly constructed and surfaced; except that the Building Official may issue a temporary certificate of occupancy in those instances where the Building Official finds that the surfacing cannot reasonably be completed due to adverse weather conditions or settling of land on the site after demolition or filling. A temporary certificate of occupancy shall be effective only to a date specified.

(c) Enforcement. If the applicant fails to construct the parking facility in conformity with the requirements of this chapter or other prescribed requirements, the Governing Body may order the removal or replacement of the nonconforming parking facility or portion thereof. The cost of removal or replacement and any necessary reconstruction shall be levied as a special assessment against the property.

(d) Public right-of-way shall not be utilized for internal traffic circulation or stacking for drive-up window facilities and similar such car-service features.

(e) All facilities proposing “drive-in” and/or “carry-out” service features shall be reviewed and considered by the Traffic Engineer or designee in respect to: ingress/egress to public right-of-way; the impact upon streetside parking; adequacy of on-site vehicle storage, parking and traffic patterns; and pedestrian safety. The Traffic Engineer or designee shall not approve the proposal if the public safety and welfare are negatively impacted. (Ord. 19904 § 3, 5-13-14.)

Cross References:City Council – Mayor, Chapter 2.15 TMC; Public Works Department, TMC 2.20.100; Traffic Engineer, TMC 10.10.010.