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(a) Applications to denominate a local historic landmark or local historic district and/or reduce the district’s perimeter may be made when one or more of the following conditions have been met:

(1) A local historic landmark or building, structure, site, or object within a district has no historic, architectural, archaeological, cultural importance or value to the viability of the historic district; or

(2) The owners of record of at least 75 percent of the properties within the local historic district provide written consent to the denomination of the local historic district.

(b) The applicant shall comply with the citizen participation process adopted by the Planning Director and posted on the City’s website. The Planning Director shall provide a map of the notification area which shall be a 500-foot radius.

(c) Upon receipt of such application, the Topeka Landmarks Commission shall consider the application at a meeting; provided, that notice shall be mailed at least 20 days prior to the meeting to the owner(s) of record of any parcel upon which the local historic landmark is situated or which is part of the local historic district. All interested persons may provide written comments and/or appear in person or by representative. The Commission shall make a recommendation to the Planning Commission whether to remove historic overlay zoning.

(d) Historic Overlay Zoning. The Governing Body, upon recommendation of the Planning Commission, shall consider whether to remove historic overlay zoning in accordance with State law and the ordinances governing rezoning. (Ord. 19901 § 8, 5-6-14.)

Cross References:City Council – Mayor, Chapter 2.15 TMC; Planning Commission, Chapter 2.225 TMC.