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“Administrator” means the City of Topeka Planning Director or designee.

“Owner” shall mean the individual or entity that intends to own and operate the wind energy system in accordance with this chapter.

“Rotor diameter” means the cross-sectional dimension of the circle swept by the rotating blades.

“Total height” means the vertical distance from ground level or point of attachment to a building to the tip of a wind generator blade when the tip is at its highest point.

“Tower” means the structure that supports a wind generator.

“Wind energy system” means equipment that converts and then stores or transfers energy from the wind into usable forms of energy. This equipment includes any base, blade, foundation, generator, nacelle, rotor, tower, transformer, vane wire, inverter, batteries or other component used in the system.

“Wind generator” means blades and associated mechanical and electrical conversion components mounted on top of the tower. (Ord. 19598 § 2, 6-28-11.)

Cross References:Definitions generally, TMC 1.10.020.