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(a) Building Permit. A building permit shall be required for the installation of any wind energy system.

(b) Documents. The building permit application shall be accompanied by a site plan which includes the following:

(1) Property lines and physical dimensions of the property.

(2) Location, dimensions and types of existing major structures on the property.

(3) Location of the proposed wind system tower.

(4) The right-of-way of any public road or alley that is contiguous with the property as well as any platted setback.

(5) Any overhead utility lines and location of nearest utility pole.

(6) The location(s) at which any electrical and telephone utilities are connected to the principal structures on the property.

(7) Wind system specifications, including manufacturer and model, rotor diameter, tower height and tower type.

(8) Tower foundation blueprints or drawings.

(9) Tower blueprint or drawing.

(10) Any easements that may be located on the property.

(11) Color of the wind generator and tower. (Ord. 19598 § 4, 6-28-11.)