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The corporate seal of the City, as now in use and as hereafter to be used until altered, is and shall be described as follows: Two concentric circles, the larger or outer of which has the appearance of twisted rope or cord and the smaller or inner of which is a series of touching dots, and between which circles at the top are the words “Seal of Topeka” and at the bottom the word “Kansas,” with three stars on the left between the word “Seal” and the word “Kansas” and three stars on the right between the word “Topeka” and the word “Kansas.” Within the inner circle toward the bottom and extending from the middle star on the left to the middle star on the right are the words “Capital City.” Immediately below and parallel with the words “Capital City” is the word “Incorporated.” Beneath the word “Incorporated” and immediately above and following the curvature of the inner circle is the statement “Feb. 14, 1857.” Above the words “Capital City” and extending nearly to the top of the inner circle is a picture or relief representing the dome of the Kansas State Capitol. (Ord. 20206 § 1, 9-10-19; Ord. 17226 § 1, 1-27-98. Code 1995 § 2-1. Formerly 2.10.010.)

State Law References:Seal authorized, K.S.A. 12-101.