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(a) The City Clerk may demand prepayment of the fees established by this article whenever he or she believes this to be in the best interest of the City. The prepayment amount shall be an estimate of the inspection and/or copying charges accrued in fulfilling the record request. Any overage or underage in the prepayment shall be settled prior to inspection of the requested record or delivery of the requested copies.

(b) Prepayment of inspection and/or copying fees may be required whenever such fees are estimated to exceed $10.00.

(c) Where prepayment has been demanded by the record custodian, no record will be made available to the requester until such prepayment has been made.

(d) For copying any public records which cannot be reproduced by the City’s photocopying equipment, the requester may be charged the actual cost to the City, including staff time, in reproducing such records.

(e) All fees charged under this chapter which are not subject to the prepayment provisions shall be paid to the City Clerk upon receipt of the documents requested. (Ord. 20206 § 3, 9-10-19; Ord. 17226 § 24, 1-27-98. Code 1995 § 2-91. Formerly 2.20.130.)