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(a) There is hereby created a Department of Administrative and Financial Services. The Director of the Department of Administrative and Financial Services shall be appointed by the City Manager. The City Manager, pursuant to Charter Ordinance No. 94, Section 1 (Appendix A, Section A2-54), shall be responsible for supervising and evaluating the performance of the Administrative and Financial Services Director. The Administrative and Financial Services Director shall be responsible for overall operation of the Department.

(b) The Director of Administrative and Financial Services shall appoint a City Treasurer who shall be responsible for receiving, keeping and safeguarding all public moneys belonging to the City. The City Treasurer shall also be responsible for paying out public moneys belonging to the City only by authorized warrants or warrant checks and bearing the required signatures established by resolution of the Governing Body. (Ord. 20206 § 4, 9-10-19; Ord. 20088 § 15, 10-17-17. Formerly 2.30.020.)

Cross References:Revenue and finance, TMC Title 3.

The following sections refer to Administrative and Financial Services Department and City Treasurer responsibilities: City records, TMC 2.10.100; law enforcement, TMC 2.35.150; Municipal Court, TMC 2.40.090, 2.40.140; personnel records, TMC 2.110.040; bargaining units, TMC 2.115.020; benefits, TMC 2.125.110, 2.125.210, 2.125.220, 2.125.240; finance, TMC 3.05.010; expenses and fees, TMC 3.10.030; grants, TMC 3.20.010, 3.20.020; funds, TMC 3.25.010, 3.25.030, 3.25.040; contracts and purchases, Chapter 3.30 TMC; claims and awards, TMC 3.35.040; special assessments, TMC 3.45.100; blasting, TMC 8.40.030; fire insurance proceeds, TMC 8.80.030, 8.80.040, 8.80.050; stopping, standing and parking, TMC 10.60.220; taxicabs, TMC 10.65.070; utilities, TMC 13.10.150.