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There is hereby created a Development Services Division. This division shall be under the general supervision of the Director of Planning and Development and as such shall be an administrative division within the Department of Planning and Development. (Ord. 20206 § 5, 9-10-19; Ord. 20164 § 2, 1-8-19. Formerly 2.50.010.)

Cross References:Planning and Development Department, TMC 2.20.090; Public Works Department, TMC 2.20.110; building code, Chapter 14.20 TMC.

The following sections refer to Development Services Division responsibilities: Board of Building and Fire Appeals, TMC 2.235.010; cereal malt beverage retailers, TMC 5.55.110; construction and building licenses, TMC 5.63.020, 5.63.060, 5.63.070, 5.63.080, 5.63.100, 5.63.120; mobile home parks, TMC 5.100.020, 5.100.030, 5.100.040; building permits, TMC 14.10.010, 14.10.040; technical activities of industries, TMC 14.15.040, 14.15.060; electrical code, Chapter 14.30 TMC, Article II; manufactured homes and trailers, TMC 14.65.060.