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(a) Purpose. The Topeka Housing Authority exists pursuant to Resolution No. 7104 under the authority of K.S.A. 17-2341. The purpose of the Board is to plan and study the public housing needs of the City and to be the governing board of the Authority.

(b) Membership. The Board shall consist of five members appointed by the Mayor, at least one of whom shall be a client of the Authority. Members shall serve four-year terms or until a successor is appointed. Members shall serve without compensation. (Ord. 20206 § 75, 9-10-19; Ord. 18382 § 21, 1-25-05. Code 1995 § 2-227. Formerly 2.05.090.)

Cross References:City Council – Mayor, Chapter 2.15 TMC; fair housing practices, Chapter 9.25 TMC.