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The Commission shall:

(a) Support and advise the City of Topeka in its efforts to eliminate prejudice on the basis of membership in a protected class described in TMC 9.20.020, further goodwill among all people of the City and promote cooperation and conciliation within the City.

(b) Select one or more issues or topics of special focus to conduct research on, advocate on behalf of, and/or develop policy recommendations relating to, which shall be adopted on an annual basis by February 1st. The chosen issue or topic may be directly or indirectly related to the City of Topeka government and/or in the greater City of Topeka community. The Commission may produce progress reports, engage with staff, and/or engage with the Governing Body in this process. Results shall be reported in the Commission’s Annual Report.

(c) Engage in one or more of the following activities relating to the Commission’s mission and/or chosen issue or topic:

(1) Hold Town Hall meetings and public forums;

(2) Conduct inclusive outreach and education activities and develop resources relevant to human and civil rights issues;

(3) Partner with related organizations and groups;

(4) Develop and administer annual and/or periodic programs recognizing individuals and/or organizations who have advanced the mission of the Human Relations Commission;

(5) Refer public concerns related to civil rights, human rights, and affirmative action to the appropriate agency and/or Governing Body for the sole purpose of providing assistance and support to the aggrieved party or parties as they pursue redress; and/or

(6) Develop and recommend policy and/or administrative changes to the City Manager and Governing Body when the Commission finds a special need for such or deems necessary because of concerns received under subsection (c)(5) of this section.

(d) Review quarterly affirmative contracting reports and report concerns to the City Manager.

(e) Review quarterly reports from the Independent Police Auditor and report any concerns to the City Manager.

(f) By February 1st on an annual basis, the Commission shall prepare and submit an annual report to the Governing Body of the Commission’s activities, identifying issues and problem areas within the Topeka community and, after reviewing the performance of the Commission during the year, propose any modifications to this chapter and Chapters 2.105, 2.250, and 9.20 TMC that would improve the effectiveness of the Commission and better fulfill the antidiscrimination policies of the City. (Ord. 20285 § 2, 3-9-21. Formerly 2.55.040.)