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The Commission will:

(a) Support efforts to eliminate prejudice because of race, religion, creed, color, sex, disability, national origin or ancestry, age, sexual orientation or gender identity and further goodwill among all people of the City and promote goodwill, cooperation and conciliation within the City;

(b) Promote and facilitate Town Hall meetings and public forums on issues of interest and concern to residents of Topeka;

(c) Participate in outreach activities and public education;

(d) Partner with groups that share similar goals;

(e) By February 1st of each year, prepare and submit an annual report to the City and the City Council of the Commission’s activities, identifying issues and problem areas within the Topeka community and, after reviewing the performance of the Commission during the year, propose any modifications to this chapter and Chapters 2.105, 2.250, and 9.20 TMC that would improve the effectiveness of the Commission and better fulfill the antidiscrimination policies of the City. (Ord. 20206 § 79, 9-10-19; Ord. 19849 § 1, 9-17-13. Formerly 2.55.040.)