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(a) On all publicly financed projects built under the supervision of the Department of Public Works, fees shall be paid into the appropriate fund from the project fund concerned to cover the costs incurred by the various divisions of the Department. All fees provided for in this section shall be charged to the expenditure account of the construction fund set up to account for the improvement project and shall be considered a part of the project cost.

(b) Each division of the Department of Public Works shall maintain accurate records of the costs for engineering, design, administration, supervision, inspection and all other tasks necessary to protect the interests of the City in the design and construction of City public works projects. The fees to be paid shall be equal to the actual salary costs as shown by division records, plus a percentage to defray the intangible costs of clerical services, equipment, insurance, rent and all other overhead expenses. A schedule of overhead factors for each division shall be presented for approval by the City Council as part of the annual budget process. In addition to salary costs, the fees shall include any direct nonsalary costs resulting from the project. When the construction contract is awarded for a project, all fees accumulated to that point shall be due and payable, except that fees for design shall be computed in accordance with TMC 3.10.030 and shall be assumed to be payment for all costs incurred by the Engineering Division to the contract award stated. Upon completion of the project, the remaining fees, computed in accordance with this section, shall be due and payable. If a project is abandoned prior to construction, all fees, including fees for design, shall be computed in accordance with this section and paid.

(c) On all project budgets for projects initiated under the City’s adopted capital improvement program (CIP), a fee will be charged to offset the costs associated with management of the City’s adopted CIP. The actual fee will be determined by the construction cost of each project, in accordance with a schedule as established by the City Manager. The fee schedule may be adjusted annually by the City Manager as may be necessary, to cover the cost of administering the City’s CIP. The City Manager shall provide to the City Council a copy of the fee schedule annually and any subsequent adjustments. The fee is payable to the Department of Administrative and Financial Services after the adoption of the project budget by the City Council. (Ord. 18383 § 5, 1-25-05; Ord. 17625 § 1, 12-19-00; Ord. 17226 § 76, 1-27-98. Code 1995 § 2-287.)

Cross References:City Council – Mayor, Chapter 2.15 TMC; Public Works Department, TMC 2.20.110.