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Any mobile home craftsman’s license may be suspended for a definite length of time or revoked outright by the Mobile Home Craftsmen Board of Examiners for good and sufficient cause. The Mobile Home Craftsmen Board of Examiners shall send written notice to the license holder setting forth the alleged infraction and setting forth a time and place at which the matter of suspension will be heard by the Board. The license holder may appear with or without counsel. After hearing the matter, the Board shall make written findings and specify the length of suspension, if any. During the course of suspension all work shall cease except the work necessary to correct a hazardous situation or correct a written violation notice. In the case where a license holder is found to have committed any of the above-mentioned infractions, the license shall be suspended for a minimum of two weeks, not to exceed a maximum of one year. (Code 1981 § 25-169. Code 1995 § 98-230.)