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(a) As a prerequisite to obtaining a blasting permit, the applicant shall first present to the City a certificate of insurance which has been approved by the City Attorney as to form and by the City Engineer as to content and which shall show that the applicant carries comprehensive public liability and property damage insurance with minimum bodily injury coverage of $50,000 for each person, $100,000 for each accident, and with a minimum property damage coverage of $200,000 for all damages arising from injury to or destruction of property, and any other insurance coverage that the City Engineer deems necessary. Such certificate of insurance shall indicate that the coverage will extend beyond the time when the proposed blasting shall be completed.

(b) The insurance requirements of this section shall not apply to contractors who are constructing work for the City under contracts where they have been required to submit public liability and property damage insurance similar to that called for within this section. (Code 1981 § 16-102. Code 1995 § 70-149.)

Cross References:City Attorney, TMC 2.20.070; City Engineer, TMC 2.20.110.