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A municipality shall not prepare an urban renewal plan for an urban renewal area unless the governing body has, by resolution, determined such an area to be a slum area or a blighted area or a combination thereof and designated such area as appropriate for an urban renewal project. The local governing body shall not approve an urban renewal plan until a general plan for the municipality has been prepared. A municipality shall not acquire real property for an urban renewal project by exercise of the power of eminent domain unless the local governing body has approved the urban renewal plan in accordance with subsection (d) hereof; provided, a municipality may acquire dilapidated real property at any time, regardless of whether or not an urban renewal plan for the area in which it is located has been approved, by means other than the exercise of the power of eminent domain, whenever the local governing body shall have approved, by resolution, of the acquisition of such real property may be disposed of under such reasonable competitive bidding procedures as the municipality shall prescribe. (C.O. 31 § 2, 8-5-75.)

State Law References: K.S.A. 17-4747(a).