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There is hereby granted to Company, the non-exclusive right, privilege, and franchise to construct, maintain, extend, and operate its Facilities in, through, and along the Right-of-Way of the City for the purpose of supplying electric energy to the City and the inhabitants thereof for the full term of this Franchise; subject, however, to the terms and conditions herein set forth. Nothing in this grant shall be construed to franchise or authorize the use of the Company’s Facilities or the Right-of-Way by the Company or others, for any purpose not related to the provision of electric energy. The Company may not allow a subsidiary, affiliate, or a third (3rd) party to acquire rights to occupy the Rights-of-Way under this Franchise; provided, that nothing in this section shall prevent Company from allowing the use of its Facilities by others when such use is compensated to the City under the provisions of a franchise granted by the City to any such third party. (Ord. 19067 § 2, 4-8-08.)