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Article I. In General

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(a) It shall be unlawful for any utility company operating under a franchise agreement with the City to install any cables, mains or conduits within the clear zone of any water or sewer lines; however, cables, mains or conduits which cross over the water or sewer lines at a 90-degree angle are permitted.

(b) For purposes of this section only, the term “clear zone” shall mean an area extending from ground level to the bottom of the water or sewer line and 18 inches, measured horizontally, from either side of the water or sewer line. This is illustrated in the diagram below.

(c) The City shall not be responsible for the cost of repairs to any cable, mains or conduits determined to be in violation of this chapter.

(d) Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to hold any City excavator harmless from liability in cases of gross negligence or willful and wanton conduct. (Ord. 16990 § 1, 8-15-96. Code 1981 § 44-2. Code 1995 § 146-1.)