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(a) Accessory uses, buildings and land customarily associated with, and clearly incidental to, a permitted use, special use requirement or conditional use permit shall be permitted provided they are:

(1) Located on the same lot or parcel as a principal use and commonly associated with a principal building or use.

(2) Subordinate in area, extent and purpose to the principal building. The cumulative footprint of all accessory buildings shall not exceed 90 percent of the principal building’s footprint and as restricted by Chapter 18.60 TMC density/dimensional standards.

(3) Operated and maintained under the same ownership and are contributory to the comfort, convenience or necessity of the occupants, business or industry in the principal building or use served.

(b) Time of Construction. No accessory building or use shall be constructed or established more than 120 days prior to the time of completion of the construction or establishment of the principal building or use to which it is an accessory. (Ord. 20062 § 31, 4-18-17.)