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(a) Final Stormwater Management Plan. No application for subdivision plats or site plans to which this chapter applies shall be approved without the Director’s prior approval of a final stormwater management plan which details design compliance with this chapter.

(b) Stormwater Management Concept. The Director may also require the applicant to submit and secure the Director’s approval of a stormwater management concept plan to evaluate the environmental characteristics of the project site, the potential impacts of all proposed development of the site, both present and future, on the water resources, and the effectiveness and acceptability of the measures proposed for managing stormwater generated at the project site. This may include a requirement for a concept plan to address the maximum development potential of a site under existing zoning, regardless of whether the applicant presently intends to develop the site to its maximum potential.

(c) Plan Requirements. Concept and final stormwater management plans shall be prepared, submitted, and approved in conformance with the City of Topeka stormwater BMP design policy handbook.

(d) Portions of the stormwater management plan that require hydrologic and hydraulic analysis or design shall be prepared by a professional engineer licensed to practice in the State of Kansas and proficient in the design of stormwater management facilities and storm drainage systems.

(e) Erosion and Sediment Control Plans for Construction of Stormwater Management Measures. The applicant shall prepare an erosion and sediment control plan or submit a SWPPP for all construction activities related to implementing any on-site stormwater management practices. (Ord. 20262 § 3, 10-6-20; Ord. 20089 § 112, 10-17-17. Formerly 13.35.040.)