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(a) An approved final stormwater management plan shall not be amended without prior written notification and written approval of the alteration by the Director. A written plan amendment shall be required. In the event of substantial amendments, the Director may require submittal of a revised stormwater management plan.

(b) If the proposed specifications of the project change after approval of the final stormwater management plan, the applicant shall notify the Director immediately. The Director may require cessation of all, or a portion of, construction, and/or resubmittal and approval of a revised stormwater management plan or appropriate portions thereof. Such proposed conditions include, but are not limited to, the intended land use, impervious surfaces layout and surface areas, extents of clearing and grading, and the selection, location, or design of stormwater management facilities.

(c) Approval of a stormwater management plan shall not prevent the Director from thereafter requiring the correction of errors or revisions to the plan due to unforeseen geologic, hydrologic, hydraulic, or construction-related conditions encountered after plan approval.

(d) When revision of an approved stormwater management plan is required, the Director may also require the cessation of all, or a portion of, land disturbance or construction activities pending his/her approval of a revised plan. (Ord. 20262 § 7, 10-6-20.)