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(1) Any owner of vacant property located within the City shall register the real property within 10 days after the property becomes vacant, or within 10 days after assuming ownership of the property, whichever is later.

(2) An owner of vacant property shall not be required to register the real property if the owner is performing renovation activities.

(b) Initial registration pursuant to this section shall contain at a minimum the name of the owner, the mailing address of the owner, email address, and telephone number of the owner, and, if applicable, the name and telephone number of the property manager and the manager’s address, email address, and telephone number.

(c) If the owner resides outside a 60-mile radius of the City limits, the owner shall appoint an agent who resides within the City limits. The owner shall provide the agent’s full name, property management company name (if applicable), email address (if applicable), telephone number and mailing address.

(d) At the time of initial registration each registrant shall pay a nonrefundable semiannual registration fee to be determined by the Director, with the approval of the City Manager, in an amount not to exceed $500.00 for each vacant property. Subsequent semiannual registrations of vacant properties and fees in that amount are due within 10 days of the expiration of the previous registration.

(e) If the property is sold or transferred, the new owner is subject to all the terms of this chapter. Within 10 days of the transfer, the new owner shall register the vacant property or update the existing registration. The previous owner(s) will not be released from the responsibility of paying all previous unpaid fees, fines, and penalties accrued during that owner’s involvement with the vacant property.

(f) Properties subject to this section shall remain subject to the semiannual registration requirement, the security, and maintenance standards of this section as long as the property is vacant.

(g) Properties registered as a result of this section are not required to be registered again under TMC 8.65.040.

(h) Failure of the owner to properly register, pay registration fees, or to modify the registration to reflect a change of circumstances as required by this chapter is a violation of this chapter and shall be subject to a civil penalty of not to exceed $250.00 for each violation. Each property shall constitute a separate offense. A citation may be issued every 30 days by the Director until a registration statement, payment of registration fees, amendment, or other statement required by this chapter is filed.

(i) If the civil penalties are not paid within 30 days from the payment date or, if appealed pursuant to Chapter 2.45 TMC, 30 days from the final decision of the Hearing Officer, the obligation shall constitute a lien upon the real property and shall be assessed as a special assessment against the property that is the subject of the requirement. The City Clerk shall certify the unpaid portion of the penalty to the County Clerk who shall collect the assessment at the same time as ad valorem property taxes. (Ord. 20223 § 5, 11-19-19.)

Cross References:City Clerk, TMC 2.20.010; Planning and Development Department, TMC 2.20.080.