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(a) Created. There is hereby created an Executive Department. The City Manager shall be responsible for supervising and evaluating individuals holding certain positions within the Department, as well as its overall operation.

(b) City Clerk. There is hereby created the position of City Clerk in the City. The City Clerk shall be appointed by the City Manager. The City Manager, pursuant to Charter Ordinance No. 94, Section 1 (Appendix A, Section A2-54), shall be responsible for supervising and evaluating the performance of the City Clerk, who shall be responsible for the overall operation of the office.

(1) The City Clerk shall attend all meetings of the Governing Body and be responsible for keeping a time record of its proceedings, as well as a record of all official acts and when necessary shall attest them.

(2) The City Clerk shall be responsible for keeping and preserving the corporate seal of the City and all records, public papers and documents of the City not belonging to any other officer.

(3) The City Clerk shall be authorized to administer oaths.

(4) Copies of all papers filed in the Clerk’s office, and transcripts from the records of the proceedings of the Governing Body, including ordinances duly certified by the City Clerk under the corporate seal of the City, shall be taken as evidence in all courts of the State without further proof. (Ord. 20300 § 1, 6-8-21.)

The following sections refer to City Clerk responsibilities: City records, Chapter 2.10 TMC; City Council – Mayor, TMC 2.15.030, 2.15.040, 2.15.070, 2.15.080; law enforcement, TMC 2.35.010; oath of office, TMC 2.110.010; personnel manual, TMC 2.110.030; civil service for police officers and firefighters, TMC 2.120.040; boards and commissions, TMC 2.205.020; Planning Commission, TMC 2.225.140; Board of Building and Fire Appeals, Chapter 2.235 TMC; Office of the Arts, Chapter 2.245 TMC; claims and awards, TMC 3.35.020, 3.35.050; special assessments, TMC 3.45.010, 3.45.040, 3.45.050, 3.45.060, 3.45.140; sales tax, TMC 3.50.030; property taxes, TMC 3.55.060, 3.55.130, 3.55.140; business licenses, TMC 5.05.020, 5.05.040, 5.05.050, 5.05.060, 5.05.100, 5.05.120; alarm business, TMC 5.15.080; ambulance services, TMC 5.25.060, 5.25.070, 5.25.140; automobile buses, TMC 5.35.050, 5.35.060, 5.35.080; cereal malt beverage retailers, TMC 5.55.020; going-out-of-business or altered goods sales, TMC 5.75.070, 5.75.080, 5.75.090, 5.75.120, 5.75.160; merchant or private police, TMC 5.90.140; pawnbrokers, TMC 5.110.150, 5.110.220; peddlers, solicitors and itinerant merchants, Chapter 5.115 TMC; precious metals dealers, TMC 5.125.080, 5.125.120; sign erectors, TMC 5.150.040; taxicabs, Chapter 5.155 TMC, TMC 10.65.070, 10.65.210; tobacco/novelty retail license, TMC 5.160.020; tree, shrub and vine services, Chapter 5.165 TMC; fire prevention and protection, TMC 8.35.070; vacant property registration, TMC 8.65.040, 8.65.050; uniform public offense code, TMC 9.05.080; alcoholic beverages, TMC 9.15.310; uniform traffic manual, TMC 10.10.200; standard traffic ordinance, TMC 10.15.010; abandoned and junked vehicles, TMC 10.25.050; stopping, standing and parking, TMC 10.60.150, 10.60.480; streets, sidewalks and public property, TMC 12.05.040, 12.05.080, 12.35.020, 12.35.100, 12.45.050; trafficway impact fees, TMC 12.55.110; vacating streets, alleys and easements, TMC 12.60.020; Special events – parades – block parties, TMC 12.70.040, 12.70.050, 12.70.060, 12.70.130; utilities, TMC 13.05.017; sewers and sewage disposal, TMC 13.20.150, 13.20.160; building code, TMC 14.20.020; existing building code, TMC 14.25.020; electrical code, TMC 14.30.020; plumbing code, TMC 14.35.030; fire code, TMC 14.40.020; mechanical code, TMC 14.50.020; one- and two-family dwelling code, TMC 14.55.020; manufactured homes and trailers, TMC 14.65.100; energy conservation code, TMC 14.80.020; energy conservation code (commercial), TMC 14.85.020; signs, TMC 18.10.060; subdivisions, TMC 18.35.210, 18.35.240; zoning code amendments, TMC 18.245.050.